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Click for products featuring this image Pericles, the Prince of Tyre, was unfortunate enough to make an enemy of Antiochus, the powerful and wicked King of Antioch; and so great was the danger in which he stood that, on the advice of his trusty counsellor, Lord Helicanus, he determined to travel about the world for a time. He came to this decision despite the fact that, by the death of his father, he was now King of Tyre. So he set sail for Tarsus, appointing Helicanus Regent during his absence. That he did wisely in thus leaving his kingdom was soon made clear.

Hardly had he sailed on his voyage, when Lord Thaliard arrived from Antioch with instructions from his royal master to kill Pericles. The faithful Helicanus soon discovered the deadly purpose of this wicked lord, and at once sent messengers to Tarsus to warn the king of the danger which threatened him.

The people of Tarsus were in such poverty and distress that Pericles, feeling that he could find no safe refuge there, put to sea again. But a dreadful storm overtook the ship in which he was, and the good vessel was wrecked and split to pieces, while of all on board only Pericles was saved, and he in sorry plight indeed. Bruised and wet and faint, he was flung upon the cruel rocks on the coast of Pentapolis, the country of the good King Simonides. Worn out as he was, he looked for nothing but death, and that speedily. But some fishermen, coming down to the beach, found him there, and gave him clothes and bade him be of good cheer.

"Thou shalt come home with me," said one of them, "and we will have flesh for holidays, fish for fasting days, and moreo'er, puddings and flapjacks, and thou shalt be welcome."

Pericles, touched by their kindness, took heart of grace, and the love of life came back to him. They told him that on the morrow many princes and knights were going to the King's Court, there to joust and tourney for the love of his daughter, the beautiful Princess Thaisa.

"Did but my fortunes equal my desires," said Pericles, "I'd wish to make one there."

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John Simmons: A Midsummer Night´s Dream Frances Brundage: King Lear and Cordelia Frances Brundage: Titania and the Clown

Sophie Gengembre Anderson
Karl Beutel
Frances Brundage
Edward Burne-Jones
Max Albert Carlier
Pete Borrell del Caso
Giorgio da Castelfranco
Charles Edward Chambers
Ellen H. Clapsaddle
William Stephen Coleman
Walter Crane
Barbara Regina Dietzsch
William Duffield
Luis Ricardo Falero
Harrison Fisher
John Anster Fitzgerald
Vincent van Gogh
Wilson Hepple
Maud Humphrey
Catherine Klein
Julius Sergius von Klever
Gustav Klimt
Constantin Korovin
Alicia H. Laird
Muraviov Vladimir Leodinovich
Gijsbrecht Leytens
Albert Dürer Lucas
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Claude Monet
Daniel Hernández Morillo
Alfons Mucha
Augustus Edwin Mulready
Carl Offterdinger
Helen E. Ohrenschall
Léon Bazille Perrault
Jean-Baptiste Perronneau
Rosa Clementina Petherick
Emilie Preyer
Ferdinand du Puigaudeau
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Samuel Loren Schmucker
Georges Pierre Seurat
Henri Le Sidaner
John Simmons
William Fulton Soare
Simeon Solomon
Théophile Alexandre Steinlen
Willy Stöwer
Arthur Thiele
Henry Raymond Thompson
James Jacques Joseph Tissot
Hermann Vogel
John William Waterhouse
George Frederic Watts
Joseph Peter Wilms
Juliette Wytsman

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